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:: Private Detectives International Agency TOP SECRET
         we uncover even the most hidden secrets


PRIVATE DETECTIVES ROMANIA can make investigations regarding:
- the public morality and conduct of a person (surveillance in public areas, espial, s.o.);
- address, ocupation and life style of a person (domicile identification, civil data, work place, s.o.);
- fore and post marriage information;
- the places and the periods where a person travelled - foreign countries or interior;
- identification and protection against leaks of information from companies or private residences with newest equipment (electronic measures, identification of unauthorized information transmission s.o.;
- specialized consultancy against leaks of economical information;
- informative reports concerning the solvability or seriousness of a person or a business partner;
- correctness of business partners or employees (including polygraph technique);
- companies and patrimonies, patrimony checkings;
- the identification of debtors and goods which are to be subject to an officer of the court;
- trade embezzlements (clients that do not pay their debts, embezzlement organized crime networks);
- goods under civil or penal litigations, alienated to cause damages to the interests of parties envolved    in trials as well as activities meant to recover them;
- searching and identifying witnesses that took part at litigation events;
- searching evidence and counter-evidence, necessary in trials;
- other investigation activities, necessary to the defenders;
- CV verification of curent or future employees; inquiry regarding morality, loyality and seriousness of    employees, future collaborators, future clients, s.o.;
- mortgage, cadastral, will, car investigations s.o;
- the honesty of statements in the insurance field;
- the personnel selection.